Halo Infinite |S4| Scarr Lighting

This is one of my final contributions to Halo Infinite's multiplayer as a Lighting Artist at 343 Industries. The Big Team Battle map Scarr!
This map allowed for expanding on the Banished styles, and was a blast to work on.

Additional Lighting Support: Tyler Feddeler, Josh Dean
Surfacing Lead: Rogelio Olguin/Kurt Kusper
Additional mask painting: Kim Kirchstein
Modeling leads: John Flath and James Munroe
Banished Modelers: Zach Suchlicki, Layla King, Andres Nelson, Jay Miller, Julian Yip, Derek Carter, Ned Gasorntip, Thomas Gariti and Ryan Peterson
Biome and Decorators: Steve Oberman, Nate Castronovo
MP Lead: Josh Rife

Start at 44 seconds to see Scarr Flythrough. Turn to 4k60fps ;)