Rites of Umbra (Horror Game)

Rites of Umbra (PvP Action Horror Game)- Official SGX Launch Trailer


Roles: Gameplay programmer for the Lost One, assisted AI programming for the Spirit, and sound programmer

Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Development time: 2 semesters - about 7 months

Game Description:
Rites of Umbra is an Action-Horror PVP game for PC. It was created by students at the University of Wisconsin Stout and won 3 awards at SGX (Stout Game Expo) including; "Best Art", "Best Gameplay", "Most Entertaining Game". I served as Project Lead, Game Design Lead, Environment Artist, and Composer on the project.

Official soundtrack available here: https://soundcloud.com/user-82512726/sets/rites-of-umbra-original-soundtrack
Download and play it here: http://www.ritesofumbra.com/

My roles on the team were:
Game Design Lead
3D Environment Artist
Sound Design Lead