Thesis Production Update #2: Modular Architecture

Work In Progress / 23 April 2020

Architectural & Modular Beginnings

At the beginning of production I started to build the modular architectural components to my village, in addition to furthering the blockout and terrain modifications.

Domestic Homes

I started by created variations of wood walls (stand width, thin, and with a window), doors, windows, trusses, trims, and columns. Using these modular pieces I can slowly develop a means to create a large number of different home variations through modularity. The materials are still in the prototype stage and will be pushed further over the coming weeks as I develop more modular architectural assets

This image shows two building prototype variants utilizing my modular pieces so far.

Every building is designed so that it has a unique look on every side, this allows me to copy entire building designs throughout the village but rotate them to be seen from different angles. This gives the illusion of more building types (when in this case I currently have just two different designs)

I also just barely began the creation of set-dress assets, here a barrel can be seen in the environment.

My next post will showcase more modular models, set-dress assets, material changes, and major changes to the terrain, including blend layer materials.