Stylized Gollum Sculpture

Tyler klimek gollumfinal2

Gollum Render 1

Work in Progress

Tyler klimek gollumfinal1

Gollum Render Standard Lighting (Front View)

Work in Progress

Tyler klimek gollumfinal3

Gollum Render 2

Work in Progress

My 2nd project in Zbrush at the University of Wisconsin - Stout was to try and create the bust of our chosen character or person. I naturally chose everyone's favorite anti-hero Gollum (the Peter Jackson depiction). I opted for a more stylized approach than a realistic approach due to the fact that it's unreasonable to assume an undergraduate student is going to create something equally as beautiful as Weta's Academy Award winning design. Sharp shadows and features were created, specifically to help shape the "gaunt" expression.