Search for the Gryphon

Tyler klimek gryphoninengine02

Search for the Gryphon - SCAD Collaboration between a large dynamic group of Programmers, Modelers, FX Artists, and more.

Search for the Gryphon - VR Video

Tyler klimek gryphoninengine01

An environment screenshot of the gryphon being attacked by a giant octopus

Tyler klimek vikingship01

Here is the first asset I made for the project, a sunken Viking Ship.

Tyler klimek vikingship02

The ship was modeled in May and textured with Substance

Tyler klimek vikingshipocclusion

Occlusion renders

Tyler klimek debris

Some various light-work debris I made.

Tyler klimek set01

Photographs of our set where users would equip their VR headsets before embarking on their underwater journey

Tyler klimek set02

“Search for The Gryphon” is a Virtual Realty Collaboration led by Jack Mamais (formerly of Crytek, Lead Designer on Crysis & producer on Far Cry). In this demo the user boards a submarine, equipped with a VR headset, and visits the ocean off the coast of Georgia. I served as a 3D Generalist & Texture Artist throughout the project, working on various props and environment assets; I also served as Sprint Leader during the 2nd sprint, During this time I organized the art team through the “Agile” workflow and optimized assets for unreal. The VR Attraction launched in April 2019 at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design).

3D Contributions by myself (modeling and texturing);
Viking ship & Viking props, Coral, Treasures (gold trinkets, jewels, and horns), Various Debris, Sea Vents, Broken masts/sails, Submarine