Ghost Shell Variants

Tyler klimek blackghostdynamic

Black Ice Shell

This shell I played with the emissive eye a bit and created a fun little design for it.

Tyler klimek blackghostfront

Black Ice Shell (Front)

Tyler klimek ghostbluedynamic

Awaken the City Shell

Tyler klimek ghostbluefront

Awaken the City Shell (Front)

Tyler klimek ghostpurpledynamic

Fugitive Shell

Tyler klimek ghostpurplefront

Fugitive Shell (Front)

Tyler klimek ghostorangedynamic

Orange Drab Shell

This was the first variant I created. I kept it basic.

Tyler klimek ghostorangefront

Orange Drab Shell (Front)

Destiny 1 & 2 scratch that sci-fi itch that I've had since I was young (which started with Bungie's other FPS series "Halo"). I've decided I want to immerse myself further in the media that I am so connected to, and the best way to do that is to learn from the art style of these brilliant games and push myself as a 3D generalist.

These shells were modeled in maya and textured in Substance Painter. I have an animation on the way as well!

Once I link the textures to my animation and post that, I plan to create some new shells (physical variations, not just textures)